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Japanese Jujitsu is the fighting art of the Samurai.  It is a comprehensive martial art that includes virtually every type of fighting technique.  Best known for its throws, jujitsu also includes karate-type striking and kicking; leg trips and sweeps; arm and hand techniques; ground wrestling; and submissions such as chokes and armbars.

Jujitsu is ideal for self-defense.  It enables a smaller person to to defeat a larger opponent; it can help students respond effectively to bullying; and it can help women protect themselves against assaults.  Training in jujitsu builds confidence and quick, reflexive responses to attacks.  You don’t have to be an athlete to learn jujitsu; persistence is what counts.

Visit us any Tuesday or Thursday, 8:00 to 9:00 PM at the Severna Park Community Center, 623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Severna Park, MD 21146

Men & Women, Girls & Boys, Ages 12 and above are welcome.

The fee is $75 month-to-month; family rate (2 or more) $150 month-to-month.

Sensei is a sixth-degree black belt in Budoshin Jujitsu and President, American Jujitsu Association.

Contact Sensei John Miller at phone (847) 312-7021, or email